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Model 2083

The Romtec Model 2083 – Sierra Four-Pak is an economical shower building with four restroom and shower units. Two of the private-entry rooms are designed to meet all ADA standards for public restrooms and showers, while the other two rooms have a smaller footprint to reduce the building size and cost. A central mechanical room provides easy access to the shower utilities. This shower house building is a great option for campgrounds, RV parks, community pools, and other recreational sites! Romtec’s engineers can customize any shower building to meet your project’s unique requirements, such as matching exteriors with an existing park structure, creating a more sustainable building with renewable energy implementation or simply incorporating a unique stone masonry exterior. Romtec offers many types of siding packages and design features. Whether your shower building requires stone wainscot, split-face CMU block, or painted hardi board and batten, Romtec can provide any of these options at a fair price.
CAD Drawings Romtec, Inc. Model 2083

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Design Visualizer

Design Visualizer

Model 2083: Four-Pak Shower Building

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