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Model 4004

The Romtec Double Sidewalk Restroom Model 4004 has a modern urban design with a sleek metal exterior and louvered vents for heavy ventilation. This structure is designed for a higher capacity. It is a prefabricated restroom that can be customized to match local urban scape with the advantage of an easy installation. This Sidewalk Restroom has innovative design elements that discourage vandalism, crime, and misuse, making this structure a safer, more durable option for urban areas. It has a small storage and mechanical room for easy maintenance. Additionally, Romtec’s engineers can customize your sidewalk restroom building to meet your project’s special requirements, such as matching an exterior color to the city’s urban design or by creating a more sustainable building with renewable energy implementation. The Romtec Sidewalk Restroom is a great option for downtown public restroom access, heavily-trafficked bus stations or curbside at urban food truck lots!
CAD Drawings Romtec, Inc. Model 4004

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Model 4004: Double Sidewalk Restroom


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