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Model 1006

This SST® Traditional Double, Romtec Model 1006, is a prefabricated waterless restroom that provides two restrooms in a single structural unit. This public restroom model provides occupants with ADA compliant vault toilets in a polyethylene unit that can be largely prefabricated before shipment. This unit is a great option for site requirements of two single-occupant restrooms in areas without plumbing and/or electricity, with a low budget. This model comes with two 750-gallon polyethylene vault tanks that has Romtec’s SST® ventilation and air-flow system and an exterior pump access. Additionally, the restroom can be designed to implement renewable energy fixtures such as solar panel lighting, for sites that do not have easy access to electricity. Romtec’s engineers can customize this traditional waterless restroom to meet your project’s specific requirements and set budget. This restroom model is ideal for trailhead sites or campgrounds without electricity and plumbing access and low visitor traffic.
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Model 1006: SST Traditional Double Waterless Restroom


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