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Model 1012

Meet the SST® Aspen Double. The Romtec Model 1012 is a compact waterless restroom that provides two ADA-compliant vault toilets with separate entrances in an affordable floor plan. Each single-user room includes Romtec’s odor prevention SST ventilation system. You can choose a modern shed roofing style with a single slope or opt for a more traditional roof extension that also provides space for an optional privacy wall. Additionally, Romtec’s engineers can customize any aspen to meet your project’s special requirements, such as matching exteriors with an existing park structure, creating a more sustainable building with renewable energy implementation or simply incorporating a unique exterior design. Romtec offers many types of siding packages and accessories. Whether your restroom building requires stone wainscot, split-face CMU block, or painted hardi board and batten, Romtec can provide any of these options at a fair price.
CAD Drawings Romtec, Inc. Model 1012

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Model 1012: SST Aspen Double – Waterless Restroom


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