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Model 3002

Romtec offers four models of handcrafted Log Pavilions, ranging in standard sizes from 16’ x 20’ up to 35’ x 45’. These handcrafted log pavilions are designed and built to last. Each log column post is over 14” in diameter while rafters are at least 12” to preserve strength and reduce weight. The Romtec Log Pavilion Model 3002 in particular is sized at 24’ X 36’ with a log structure and metal roofing. Pavilions are an important addition to natural areas with frequent visitors including campgrounds, picnic areas, viewpoints, rest areas, and any other park and recreational site. Design your Romtec log pavilion to include a full slab foundation or concrete footers for a natural floor. Each log pavilion can include options of handrails, benches, windbreaks, and more. Romtec can provide any of these options and within your budgetary needs!
CAD Drawings Romtec, Inc. Model 3002

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Design Visualizer

Model 3002: Log Pavilion

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