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Model 3250

Romtec amphitheaters are designed to meet a wide range of applications. They are available with wood trusses and tongue & groove roof decking or they can be configured with steel trusses and canvas roofing. Each amphitheater is designed as a site-built structure with a poured concrete foundation and stage area. These models can be configured with multi-purpose rooms that can serve as storage, green rooms, or changing rooms. The Romtec Amphitheater Model 3250 in particular is a gable end style structure with enclosed sides and sloped roof. Romtec’s engineers can customize any amphitheater by matching exteriors with an existing structure, creating a more sustainable building with renewable energy implementation or simply incorporating a unique exterior design. Romtec offers many types of siding packages and accessories. Whether your amphitheater requires stone wainscot, split-face CMU block, or painted hardi board and batten exterior, Romtec can provide any of these options and they can do it within your budget!
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Model 3250: Amphitheater


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