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TS210 Heavy Duty Oil and Stain Protector for Concrete Surfaces (4 gal. Kit) - Concrete Sealers USA

TS210 is an environmentally friendly, two component, water based, odorless, low VOC, high performance proprietary acrylic modified aliphatic polyurethane. It is ideal for most smooth troweled porous cementitious surfaces where oil repellence, stain resistance and cleanability are needed. It was developed using the latest advances in polyurethane polymer nanotechnology and also incorporates a new generation of polyacrylate dispersions. This state of the art formulation provides for a highly crosslinked coating that allows for both maximum penetration and superior chemical adhesion to minimally profiled cementitious surfaces. Unlike more traditional coatings, this sealer when properly applied, is not susceptible to lifting, peeling, or delaminating due to the very strong covalent bonds it forms with surfaces. The low molecular weight of the TS210 also results in an ultra-thin protective coating that is breathable but, at the same time, provides an extremely hard, durable, and abrasion resistant surface. The product is also resistant to hot tire pickup. The product offers exceptional 24-hour chemical and stain resistance to most common contaminants including oil, grease, water, salts and deicing chemicals, and most common food items. The product can also help reduce dirt build up, mold and mildew, dusting, efflorescence, freeze/ thaw damage, and scaling and spalling. The TS210 is UV resistant and will not break down or yellow in the presence of UV rays. The TS210 does not materially alter the appearance of surfaces and is ideal for maintaining more of a natural look or “matte” finish. With the thin application rates and high coverage rates for this product, the sealer makes for a very cost effective solution when compared to more costly high build coating alternatives like epoxies, epoxy/ urethane combinations, polyureas, and polyaspartics. The TS210 also serves as a more durable alternative to traditional acrylic sealers.
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