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Shot Maker is an artificial grass product that is made with golf lovers in mind. We’ve precision-engineered this special synthetic turf product to provide the absolute best putting experience no matter where you are. Practice your short game indoors, in the office, or the privacy of your backyard. Shot Maker offers a smooth, consistent, and seamless grass surface for your golf balls to glide on, making it easier for you to sink that putt, again and again. Don’t wait for tee times or for your schedule to clear up. Let Shot Maker give you the power to decide when and where you can golf. Shot Maker is ideal for but is not limited to, commercial and residential putting greens, bocce courts, and sports applications.
CAD Drawings BIM Models American Syn-Turf Shot Maker
CAD Drawings BIM Models American Syn-Turf Shot Maker

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Design Visualizer

Design Visualizer

Shot Maker: Golf Putting Application
Shot Maker: Golf Putting Application

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