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Wood-Rustic™ Porcelain Pavers

Rustic-Wood Effect
Tile Tech’s range of porcelain pavers features not only simulated timber plank finishes but also a unique range of simulated weathered wood finishes which replicates the appearance and features of natural reclaimed wood but without the disadvantages of fading, twisting, warping, decay, and poor fire resistance inherent in natural wood.

These versatile porcelain pavers can be easily used to resurface existing concrete areas by simply laying them directly over the existing concrete using short support pedestals at corner of each paver to compensate for uneven sub-surface conditions. Alternatively the pavers can be laid on a bed of either compacted sand or compacted gravel.

Reclaimed-Wood Effect
Porce-Rustica™ series porcelain pavers provide a high-tech alternative to reclaimed natural wood resulting in a skillful coupling of porcelain tile technology with the timeless elegance and beauty of reclaimed wood, creating a durable, fade resistant paving material with a unique rustic wood grain finish. The pattern of the wood grain differs in every tile, just like random pieces of natural reclaimed wood. This versatile material can be installed in a sand-set, thin-set cement-set or pedestal-set application and will transform any space, commercial or residential, right before your eyes!

Weathered-Wood Effect
Tile Tech’s range of porcelain pavers are particular usefull for exterior raised decking when used in conjunction with our Hybrid Adjustable Pedestal System, for constructing a durable, attractive deck surface over existing utilities or to create perfectly level rooftop decks.

Due to their light weight characteristics, porcelain pavers are much easier to transport and install, especially in high-rise building applications where they can be easily transported in service elevators. And because of their fire resistance, they can be an ideal alternative to natural wood decking in areas where local fire regulations will not permit the use of wood as a decking material for rooftops. And being essentially maintenance-free, the pavers will maintain their attractive appearance year after year, even in high traffic applications.
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