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Travertine-Series™ Porcelain Pavers

Travertine Effect
Whilst natural stone pavers have traditionally been used in such projects, porcelain pavers have a significant number of advantages over natural stone. Porcelain pavers have a water absorption of less than 0.1%, not only it is exceptionally stain resistant, but water cannot penetrate, so it avoids issues of freeze thaw cracking which can be a problem in certain climatic zones with natural stone paving.

Travertine Look
Because porcelain is manufactured at an extremely high temperature and is very dense, porcelain slabs of ¾” thickness have sufficient strength to be used with pedestal support systems for building exterior elevated decks and roof decks, not only for residential applications, but also for high pedestrian traffic commercial applications.
CAD Drawings Tile Tech Pavers Travertine-Series™ Porcelain Pavers

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