Tile Tech Pavers

Cement-Series™ Porcelain Pavers

Cement & Concrete  Effect
Tile Tech’s range of porcelain pavers features rugged elegance of cement and concrete without the stains, scratches, and Efflorescence (crystalline deposit of salts formed on the surface of fresh concrete) issues of actual concrete pavers. Completely nonporous, they will not stain and require no sealing. They will remain looking as good as the day they were installed! Extremely high slip resistance for all finishes, ensures a safe outdoor floor area wet or dry.

Concrete & Cement  Look
Tile Tech Paver® system is the pinnacle of external raised flooring technology; enabling architects to specify lightweight, slip resistant and attractive raised flooring solutions, which combine incredible technical properties with uncompromising aesthetics, making them the ideal choice for commercial and residential use alike. High load and impact resistance; extreme wear and scratch resistance; frost and fireproof; color fast and extremely resistant to staining; resistance to mold and algae growth–these qualities ensure an extremely low maintenance and trouble free flooring solution.
CAD Drawings Tile Tech Pavers Cement-Series™ Porcelain Pavers

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