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Stamp-Tech™ Series Pavers

Stamp-Tech™ Slate pavers have been designed to reproduce the texture, color and appearance of natural slate. Its irregular top surface was developed from actual sections of stone. By rotating the direction of the pavers during installation the natural effect is complete. Slate faced pavers are available in several size from a nominal 12” x12” to a nominal 20” x 20” in addition to various colors.

Stamp-Tech™ pavers can be manufactured in wide range of designs and sizes in addition to endless colors & aggregate mixes. Any of our standard sizes or custom sizes (order size permitting) can be manufactured in various surface designs. Our wide design options range from a simple Flat monochromatic finish, Slate faced finish to a more distinct look such as the Coral-Face™ or Wave-Face™ designs.

Saltwater Resistant
All Tile Tech Pavers products are highly compressed during production making the product stronger and more resilient to salt attack, water absorption and surface damage such as chipping and cracking.

Slate Faced Pavers
provide the look and feel of natural slate at a fraction of the cost. The distinctive rippled finish adds an extra element of texture to any courtyard, pool or patio project.

Custom Colors & Designs
Stamp-Tech™ Pavers are available in an unlimited choice of colors and surface finishes to meet any design requirements.

Slip Resistant
All Tile Tech Pavers products are designed to meet slip resistance criteria making them ideal for use in all wet or dry outdoor areas, stylish courtyards and pool surrounds.
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