Alpine Overhead Doors


Product Features:
  • Serv-Dawn non weather sealed commercial roll up doors are high quality, long lasting and provide a space saving solution
  • Roll up doors provide security against theft and vandalism
  • Available in a variety of metals including galvanized, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Used as loading dock doors and many other service door applications where weather sealing is not required
Functional Benefits:
  • 3.0” curved slats available in 22ga minimum with options for 20, 18  16 or 14, gauge. 
  • Strong and cost effective door with contoured slats.
  • Heavy duty construction design.  
  • These metal commercial roll up doors can be manual push up, hand crank, hand chain or motor operated. All operators can be adapted to specific conditions. 
  • Ideal for security applications such as sally ports, parking lot entries, or other areas that do not require thermal values. 
  • Can be installed on the interior, exterior, face of wall or between jambs.
CAD Drawings Alpine Overhead Doors Serv-Dawn™

All Available Specifications