Alpine Overhead Doors


Product Features:
  • Storefront security doors provide against riots, theft and vandalism
  • Alpine’s optional Riot-Lock™ System prevents curtain from being ripped from guides 
  • E-Series™ Rolling Service Doors are a high quality, low cost security space saving solution
  • This model can be combined with a grille section, or have fenestrated slats that allows a viewing area while maintaining security
  • Torsion spring counterbalanced
Functional Benefits:
  • 4.0” curved slats 
  • Strong and cost effective with contoured slats.
  • Heavy duty construction design.  
  • Riot control options include structural guides with riot-resistant wedge bar, and upgraded curtain with our Serv-Dawn model (up to 16 gauge), and Alpine’s Riot-Lock™ advanced locking system provide continuous locks that protect each slat individually.
  • Doors can be manual push up, hand crank, hand chain or motor operated. All operators can be adapted to specific conditions. 
  • Ideal for security applications such as sally ports, parking lot entries, or other areas that do not require thermal values. 
  • Can be installed on the interior, exterior, face of wall or between jambs.
CAD Drawings Alpine Overhead Doors E-Series™

All Available Specifications