Alpine Overhead Doors


Product Features:
  • High speed roll up doors for use wherever speed and security are required 
  • Springless design maximizes uptime
  • Faster cycles reduce energy costs and increase productivity
Functional Benefits:
  • Alpine’s Speed-Tite™ high performance commercial rolling steel doors are fully weather sealed, providing protection against the harshest weather conditions. 
  • The Speed-Tite’s variable frequency operator allows for increased speeds (up to 24″ up, and 12″ down) and increased longevity with soft start/stop features 
  • No sprocket or chain, which tend to wear over time
  • Static and operational windloads are available
  • Standard safety and entrapment features include light curtains and photo eyes
  • Warrantied up to 300,000 cycles or 2 years
  • Vision lights: 6’ x 1-1/2” glazed panels available spaced 12” on center.
  • Optional monitored sensing edge
  • Optional breakaway bottom bar and extended (overwrapped) curtain allow you to keep your door running in the event of damage to the door. The slat height is extended either 3’ or 6’ taller than required, with these additional slats remaining under the hood. In the event of damage to the lower part of the curtain, the bottom bar will break away allowing the damaged slats to be removed. The extended part will then “move down” to the exposed area of the curtain.
CAD Drawings Alpine Overhead Doors Speed-Tite

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