Alpine Overhead Doors

Dawn 3" Door

Product Features:
  • Mall doors are great for store gates, warehouse entrances and indoor/outdoor flea markets.  
  • This mall door incorporates a 3″ interlocking curve slat design. 
  • The Dawn 3” Door® consists of a flat blue spring steel wrapped around a 2″ pipe shaft, mounted to a spring box
  • Our mall doors are built in accordance with the requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc
Functional Benefits:
  • Alpine Dawn 3″ Doors add additional strength to curtain assemblies. They have heavier pounds per square foot for higher wind loads with wind locks. 
  • They have a tighter corrugated slat for more protection. 
  • All operators can be adapted to specific conditions. 
  • Slide lock or pin locking mechanisms can be provided depending on the type of door operation.
CAD Drawings Alpine Overhead Doors Dawn 3" Door

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