Alpine Overhead Doors

Auto Smoke Fire-Shut®

Product Features:
  • Fire rated counter shutter; U.L. classified to 3 hours of protection
  • Coiling Fire shutters are ideal for all pass-through openings such as service counters, concession stands and cafeteria counters
  • Fire shutter coils upward, requiring little side or head room
  • Built in accordance with the requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Functional Benefits:
  • These doors provide access control and security protection under normal use and will close automatically in the event of a fire, serving as a fire wall to contain the spread of a fire.
  • Activates upon melting of 165º fusible link.
  • Conventional design offers a push-up operation product, where Auto Fire-Shut® products do not.
  • The lowest upfront cost available.
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