Alpine Overhead Doors

Smoke Fire-Shut® Split-Frame™

Product Features:
  • Rolling counter shutters accent and enhance building decor
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Counter shutters fit new and existing openings up to 86 sq.ft.
  • Labels: UL 1 ½ hour or ¾ hour
  • Fire doors customized to fit your wall thickness
  • Ideal for cafeterias, health care facilities, schools & universities, concession stand window, concession stand door, etc.
Functional Benefits:
  • These doors are fully assembled at the factory and offer a clean, custom appearance with no exposed edges. 
  • There exists no field assembly required therefore these doors make for a quick and easy installation. 
  • Completed units are factory welded and provide a seamless, built -in look. 
  • Units are built to exact opening size requirements.
  • Smoke sealed doors.
CAD Drawings Alpine Overhead Doors Smoke Fire-Shut® Split-Frame™

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