Alpine Overhead Doors

Fire-Tite® IMB

Product Features:
  • High quality rolling metal fire doors with insulated metal back
  • Optional internal flame baffle prevents infiltration through header
  • Approved for roll down stainless steel fire doors
  • Oversize UL label up to 56′x30′
  • Overhead fire rated doors are built in accordance with the requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Functional Benefits:
  • These insulated rolling fire doors provide access control and security protection under normal use and will close automatically in the event of a fire serving as fire stopping to contain the spread of a fire
  • Eliminates all mechanical fire gears on the brackets and the need to reset spring tension
  • 3 hr Rating – 3 hour approved for doors in dividing fire walls 
  • 1-1/2 hr Rating – 1.5 hour approved for doors, in vertical shaft openings
  • 3/4 hr Rating – 0.75 hour approved for doors in a corridor or a room-partition
  • 4 Hour Rated (Optional) – Consult factory for more information
  • Fire rated doors over 152 square feet will receive a Classified UL label marked “OVERSIZE ROLLING STEEL FIRE DOOR” that includes the hourly rating as well as the certification number
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