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Protect your play oasis from vandalism and other unwanted after-hours activity with PlaySoleil™, an inexpensive and efficient solar lighting method that eliminates the need to run electricity.

PlaySoleil’s solar panels charge its lithium-ion batteries during the day so they can shine light downward on your playground for 6+ hours at night—almost like magic! PlaySoleil is affordable – significantly less than bollard lights or streetlights – and installation is as easy as 1-2-3. So don’t let the darkness spoil your playground’s sense of wonder. With PlaySoleil, illumination is the solution.

PlaySoleil is fully solar powered. Recent advancements in LED and battery technology allow us to deliver this product that will, when fully charged, shine for hours. Charging time is typically two hours of direct sunlight. Parks and recreation directors tell us that when play equipment is well-maintained and well-lit, it can discourage vandalism and other destructive behavior.
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