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Bring an element of the wild African jungle into your play area with a hippo playground structure. This colorful hippo lets young children climb on its back or crawl through its tunnel alone or with their friends.

The design’s simplicity gives plenty of room to spark kids’ imaginations and transport them into a world of their own creation. Additionally, Harry the Hippo’s tunnel comes with its anatomy labeled in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Braille, providing older children with an opportunity to learn about science and other languages.

Harry the Hippo from Little Tikes Commercial is a perfect way to give children an enchanting structure to climb on and crawl through. Kids can explore what it’s like to crawl in the mouth of a hippo, opening doors for countless play scenarios and imaginative adventures.

Harry the Hippo is available in several bright colors and will add a unique and eye-catching feature to your playground. This hippo structure gives kids a fun way to learn about a new animal and helps them discover other cultures through exposure to new languages.

Harry the Hippo is more than just a climbable structure. This hippo is an anatomy lesson and an introduction to new languages. Give kids a fun, new way to learn by adding Harry the Hippo to your playground.
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