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Channel for Concrete (Heavy Traffic)

We can do almost any metal drain grate design in brass or aluminum.  An example of our attention to detail is shown in this picture of the same channel drain, both used with the same body to move water.  One shows the sides, and the other does not (see images below).  That detail matters for the customer who will spend a lot more time looking or walking past their pool or water feature, so taking advantage of finishes to enhance aesthetic appeal is always a good choice to offer.  From the sleek design of the square, to the beautifully rounded curve of the circle, our available slot, channel, and trench drains offer different detail depending on the design goal of the project.  Each distinctive shape provides a lifetime of service with a nice finish.

Our metal drains provide:
  • A modern feel
  • Mitigate service recalls for your clients
Below are available metal drain grates. The 100% aluminum or brass materials are commercial grade and communicate the best choice to a customer.  Made in America, once installed they never fail. Call for pricing & availability.
CAD Drawings A&B Aluminum and Brass Foundry Channel for Concrete (Heavy Traffic)

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Design Visualizer

Channel For Concrete (Heavy Traffic)


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