(SR-V1) Skateboard Repair Station

Designed to withstand all weather conditions and heavy use, our Skateboard Repair Station provides 5 of the most commonly required tools to perform typical skateboard repairs or adjustments. The tools are safely secured on flexible chain tethers for ease of use. The tethers are then fitted to a locking channel which is secured between the support posts. The vinyl coated cradle holds the skateboard in the optimum position to perform repairs.
1/2″-13 Thread Anchoring hardware is included to secure the station to a concrete pad.

Tools Included:
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 18″ Allen / Hex Driver
  • 8″ Socket Wrench (Mount Hardware)
  • 12″ Socket Wrench (Axle Nut)
  • 916″ Socket Wrench (Kingpin)
CAD Drawings Greenspoke (SR-V1) Skateboard Repair Station
CAD Drawings Greenspoke (SR-V1) Skateboard Repair Station

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