A&B Aluminum and Brass Foundry

7" Round Lion Head

In designing pools, fountains, and water features, the use of metal scuppers, spouts, and waterfall spillways cast in rich aluminum or brass announce aesthetic appeal.
  • Made in America
  • Lasts a Lifetime
  • Quick Casting of Custom Designs (after design approval)
Select the finishes and specifications of the project. Once finalized, because it’s made in America, order placement and shipping can deliver just in time to help manage project spend.

Many clients combine different backplates with different metal scuppers or water spouts to meet the style preference of their customers.  Below is a sample to preview.  Didn’t see a particular style? Sign up for our free updates and receive our 2022 Architectural Catalog where you will see a complete listing of in-stock aluminum and brass metal water spouts, scuppers, backplates, and spillways that are available.  Included in the catalog are our versions of the live water spout above, items PL2022 Large Griffin Head, and PL2027 Small Griffin Head.

CAD Drawings A&B Aluminum and Brass Foundry 7" Round Lion Head

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Design Visualizer

7" Round Lion Head


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