JS HA Retractable Security Bollard

This 1000 mm, automated bollard is a self-contained unit that runs on a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is fitted with biodegradable oil which is unlike any other bollard in the world. The all in one-system never has to be removed for maintenance, which makes it easy as lifting equipment is never required. The product has an interchangeable protective sleeve that allows it to keep a clean appearance. The JS 48HA is performance certified according to PAS 68; IWA 14-1 and ASTM F2656 standards, and the JS48HA can withstand impact with a truck driven at 50 km/h. Not only does the JS 80HA have a P1 penetration rating, but it is still operational after impact. 
CAD Drawings Marshalls JS HA Retractable Security Bollard

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