Naturcycle® Green Roof Media

Naturcycle is the industry leader in sustainable, local, green roof media manufacturing. Green roof media is a critical element for the success of high-end landscape design involving work on structures. These highly engineered, narrowly designed materials are manufactured products containing very little silt and clay. As a result, these media are not considered soils. Naturcycle specializes in using local, sustainable materials in Northeastern markets when producing green roof media at one of our multiple locations:

  • Premium US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) certified compost sourced from a variety of facilities based on project needs
  • Natural, locally sourced washed sand products
  • Expanded shale aggregates manufactured in New York State
Naturcycle green roof media designs are based around inert minerals and finished compost. Our blends do not include native soils or other materials that could introduce weed seeds. We utilize other specialized lightweight or organic amendments as needed, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing. All green roof media blends are standardized in order to verify a consistent, high-quality product.

Naturcycle emphasizes regular testing and strict quality control at all our sites. We often utilize Turf & Soil Diagnostics, a soil testing laboratory in New York State, to verify important parameters of our green roof media, such as maximum saturated density. Naturcycle offers green roof products in bulk, 1½ cubic yard super sacks, and pallets of small bags. We offer a wide variety of delivery options and critical expertise in supplying blowable materials that specialized trucks can use to directly install material on roofscapes.

Naturcycle is also able to customize blends for special needs, such as utilizing food scrap compost from a University for green roof applications on campus or modifying an intensive blend for native grasses that require a narrow pH range for optimal growth. Naturcycle is glad to review and match specifications or offer an equivalent alternative matching any competitor’s specification.

Disclaimer: Please contact a Naturcycle representative before specifying these materials. Green roof media is a complex material. We have the expertise to verify that the right material is being used for the right application. Although most designs follow the German FLL standards as a common basis of design, some minor modifications are often required to better reflect local conditions or materials available in the Northeast.
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