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Compost is an incredible tool. Naturcycle is focused on providing the widest variety of finished compost products to service customers large and small. Our network of compost sites provides lawn/leaf, food waste, biosolids and other compost feedstocks to match the right material to its best use.

The American Association of Plant and Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) defines compost as “the product manufactured through the controlled aerobic, biological decomposition of biodegradable materials. The product has undergone mesophilic and thermophilic temperatures, which significantly reduces the viability of pathogens and weed seeds and stabilizes the carbon such that it is beneficial to plant growth. Compost is typically used as a soil amendment but may also contribute plant nutrients.”

AAPFCO is the industry group of regulators, fertilizer producers, and plant specialists. Their definition of compost is the basis of our specification, an assurance that the material meets the designed standard. Most of our products are also enrolled in the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program. This is a voluntary testing and disclosure system that requires independent testing at approved laboratories on a regular basis. The test methods used are the Technical Methods for the Evaluation of Compost and Composting (TMECC). These standardized methods of analysis are recognized by dozens of states, agencies, and regulators across the country.

Disclaimer: Please note that Naturcycle highly recommends consulting directly with our team before utilizing our generic compost specifications. There are many variables that should be considered to determine the appropriate type of compost required for any given application. Also, some unique compost requirements (such as low pH) may not be available in all areas. Our team at Naturcycle is available to review specifications for your application and provide detailed guidance as needed.
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