Buzon USA West

SH1.2 - 3cm Porcelain Pavers

SH1.2 Series pavers are 3cm (1.2”) thick solid porcelain stoneware pavers. These extra thick pavers are characterized by the same high quality of standard 2cm thick pavers but with higher mechanical strength. SH 3cm pavers are 50% thicker than 2cm (3/4″) thick porcelain pavers, making them much stronger and more resistant to impact breakage.

Use SH 3cm pavers when you need the extra assurance against impact breakage or need to bear heavy loads in public or private spaces. The ability to carry heavy loads and resist impact breakage makes this series a perfect choice for outdoor spaces. SH 3cm pavers are especially suitable for drivable surfaces including parking lots, pads, garages, driveways, ramps, entrance areas, woonerfs, boulevards, and tracks of all types. Like other HDG Porcelain Pavers this SH 3cm paver series can be laid over sand or gravel, hard substrates such as concrete, or installed over slope-correcting, height-adjustable Buzon pedestals for raised applications.

CAD Drawings Buzon USA West SH1.2 - 3cm Porcelain Pavers

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