Wayne Dalton

Sectional Steel Doors Model CX-2400

The CX-series and C-series commercial steel sectional doors are designed, engineered, and constructed to assure smooth, efficient operation and to save installation time and effort. These doors feature pre-finished 20-gauge or 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized sections roll-formed to a full unique 2” x 3” box-stile design and tongue-and-groove construction, add vertical stability and strength. The CX-series sectional doors incorporate self-forming rivets clinched to face and rails for superior stability throughout the door making them ideal for medium, heavy-duty, and industrial commercial applications. While these doors are similar, the CX-series includes a low-maintenance design with steel and polylaminate backer options. Which will allow for a wider range of application options including warehouses, storage buildings and more. The C-series focuses on its wind load capability, meaning it has extra protection from strong hurricane like winds. Additionally, stiles are continuously bonded to the skin surface with high-strength adhesive, preventing rust and leakage associated with rivets.

CAD Drawings Wayne Dalton Sectional Steel Doors Model CX-2400

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