Wayne Dalton

Mechanical Pit Leveler M68WD


  • Fast install with pit height adjusters that require no shimming in rear of pit
  • Adjusters quickly position the dock level with the building floor
  • The installer is safe and never under the leveler
  • New levelers ship with 4 steel fork loops bolted to the deck, which makes lifting from a truck easy and stable. The loops help with forklift placement into a pit from inside or outside the building, and helps to minimize levelers sliding while stacked on top of each other
  • Cut outs identify weld points to the curb angle for faster installation
  • Lifter arm is mounted to the rear of the frame instead of sitting on the pit floor. No shimming and welding under the lifter arm on pit floor needed


  • Base frame is open all the way to the rear of the pit for easy access with no cross beams or places to trap debris
  • Strong C-channel design. Heavy duty multi-lug construction of the lip hinge
  • Deck design eliminates the transition angle, a frequent repair on many levelers
  • Deck hinge is fully supported across the entire width of the deck to enhance long term durability
  • Environmentally friendly durable powder coat finish


  • Designed with an optimized beveled lip to minimize bumps, gaps and damage to cargo and material handling equipment providing a smooth path allowing forklifts to move quickly over the leveler
  • Reduces shocks and jolts to workers
  • Facilitates fast movement of material handling equipment and forklifts


  • Release chain for deck operation is easy for workers to pull
  • The hold down is easy to operate
  • Leveler is well-balanced for quick, easy articulation and automatically maintains positive lip contact with trailer movements
  • For easy maintenance and cleaning, the snubber chain and maintenance brace are positioned at side edges of the pit

One Year Limited Warranty; Two Year Limited Warranty when Wayne Dalton door and Mechanical Pit Leveler purchased together.

CAD Drawings Wayne Dalton Mechanical Pit Leveler M68WD
CAD Drawings Wayne Dalton Mechanical Pit Leveler M68WD CAD Drawings Wayne Dalton Mechanical Pit Leveler M68WD

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