Add comfort & function to your structures:

Poligon Gliders provide seating for your structures in a fun new way. Constructed from commercial grade steel, the gliders are both comfortable and modern with horizontal slat seating and clean simple lines.

Additional Features:

• Bench length 48” or 72”

• Seat height 19”

• Seat is 18” from finish grade

• Seat is 7’ 10.75” from bottom of Poligon steel beam

• Laser cut & welded end frames 3/8”

• Steel framework 1/4” x 1-1/2”

• Approximate bench weight 200 – 275lbs

• Bench weight capacity 600lbs – 850lbs

• Stops limiting swing travel to 16 degrees fore and aft

• 3 year warranty

CAD Drawings Poligon Glider
CAD Drawings Poligon Glider CAD Drawings Poligon Glider

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