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Soils and Sand

We at Minick Materials appreciate the benefit of having a variety of soil and sand solutions for various landscaping requirements. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of soil and sand alternatives that are designed to support a wide variety of planting and landscaping applications as your go-to distributor of soil.

A customer favorite, our enriched topsoil is rich in nutrients and provides the perfect atmosphere for plant growth. Our garden mix soil is a great option for gardeners looking to increase the health and vigor of their plants because it is expertly blended for greater water retention and nutrient distribution.

In addition to soil, we also provide high-quality mason sand, which is a great option for masonry work, playgrounds, and landscaping projects because of its smooth texture and adaptability. This is but a sample of our enormous offering. You may find the ideal soil or sand solution for your particular project right here at Minick Materials thanks to our dedication to diversity and quality.

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