For Safety & Fun

SafeTop™ EPDM rubber surfacing stands as the ideal choice for ensuring both safety and enjoyment across a variety of settings - from municipal parks to backyard playgrounds, daycares, and beyond. Our innovative approach utilizes recycled rubber base layers, installed atop a compacted sub-surface, to deliver the essential bounce needed to protect children and meet stringent fall height specifications. With SafeTop™, the possibilities for customization are endless, allowing your playground to shine in any colour and design you desire. Furthermore, SafeTop™ guarantees a robust, enduring surface capable of withstanding relentless use over many years, making it a matchless investment for any community looking to enhance its recreational spaces with both safety and style in mind.

CAD Drawings Safescapes Playgrounds
CAD Drawings Safescapes Playgrounds CAD Drawings Safescapes Playgrounds

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