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Architectural Structural Aluminum Frame System

DeepStream Designs creates the dies for its proprietary extrusions in house, as well as its aluminum push flaps for trash and recycling receptacles and stainless steel hardware from lids and shelves to hinges for a wide aray of custom fixtures. With these components, our proprietary frame system has the flexibility to create the wide selection of custom solutions like the Architectural Screen Wall, Privacy Screens, Equipment Screens, Security Screens and Enclosures shown here on Archello and our website without compromising our sustainable design philosophy.

DeepStream Designs’ structural extrusions should not be confused with typical thin-wall extrusions. The aircraft aluminum walls of our primary extrusion are ¼” thick and are engineered and designed for slide-in-easy modular construction, accepting almost any material of any thickness: Glass, stone, metal, wood, recycled plastic lumber, 3form Eco-resin, polycarbonate, copper, even fabric. Our system adapts to meet your specific needs.

The tolerance, fit, and finish of our extrusions are flawless. The anodized finish, as used on yachts, means there is no paint or power coating to fail in 3-5 years. While we use pre-cut lengths of our primary extrusions engraved with DeepStream’s name for receptacles, planters, and benches, we also stock lengths up to 12 feet so that we can create custom solutions for your largest challenges.

Our products are designed to provide the lowest cost solution for our customers and the environment over time, and we back up that commitment with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Every part is replaceable in case of damage under our “Core Replacement Program” at our direct manufacturing cost. Easily replaceable parts also allow modular solutions to be moved or reconfigured in the future. This makes them perfect for exterior applications such as fences with wood that will need refinishing or anodized aluminum planks that won’t, and structural supports for screen wall applications, equipment enclosures, and restaurant and resort fixtures.

Designed with longevity in mind, we incorporate both passive and active corrosion solutions. We marine-anodize the aircraft aluminum and use marine aluminum for exposed push flaps. From experience gained in the marine industry decades before creating DeepStream we use a proprietary dielectric paste on every 18-8 stainless steel fastener during assembly. The paste prevents galling and allows fasteners to be removed for decades to come, preventing them from electrochemically bonding to the aluminum, even with oceanfront exposure to salt water and spray. A replaceable sacrificial zinc anode option takes corrosion control to the marine level.

Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, General Contractors, and Facility Operations and Management teams rely on DeepStream as an extension of their company to create practical solutions that integrate design and operational details. Buy factory-direct with no distributor markup or confusion. Whether you need one piece or 100, we offer custom solutions, not custom prices, and there is never a design fee at our end.

For ideas, review photos below of our high-quality custom fixtures that set our customers' businesses apart. When you need custom fixtures that will stand the test of time to augment your design, contact DeepStream Designs for a no-obligation design session and quote. Call Sheila at (305) 857-0466 to discuss your project.

CAD Drawings DeepStream Designs Architectural Structural Aluminum Frame System
CAD Drawings DeepStream Designs Architectural Structural Aluminum Frame System CAD Drawings DeepStream Designs Architectural Structural Aluminum Frame System CAD Drawings DeepStream Designs Architectural Structural Aluminum Frame System

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