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Chameleon Bin

A Designer’s Dream! Like its namesake, our Chameleon receptacle can be used for trash, recycling, or towel bin. You can change its decorative skin to blend in or stand out in any environment with an infinite variety of looks.

Inside the protective stainless steel frame the Chameleon trash bin has a fire-proof galvanized steel or aluminum graphics shell hiding either a 13-gallon light recycled LLDPE plastic rubbish bin or the heavier 24-gallon recycled LLDPE Bin. 

The fireproof shell can be wrapped with any of our stock materials or a graphic materials of your choice. Graphics are easily changed when your design needs change or they become dated or worn.

The outer frame is 5/16” welded 304 passivated stainless-steel rod. The base is stainless steel flat bar with 4 replaceable stainless steel adjustable leveling feet fitted with never-mar plastic inserts. The feet may be removed for permanent installations and fastened to the deck with stainless tapcon fasteners to prevent movement or theft.

There are 4 lid choices for the Chameleon receptacle:

*  Silver-gray Kydex indoor lids with either a 9” or 12” opening which meet UL-94H fire specifications.

*  Stainless-steel "museum" lid for places where smokers congregate and extinguish their cigarettes on any convenient surface.

*  Silver-gray LLDPE plastic UV-proof lid with a 9" opening that will stand up to years of use in the sun and, like all options, is highly chemical resistant. 

OA Dimensions: 17” diameter x 31” tall Made in Florida by American Craftsmen

Contact Sheila or Julia at (305) 857-0466 or check out DeepStreamDesigns' website for this solution and many more.

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Design Visualizer

Chameleon 13: Gallon Trash Bin

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