LED 120V PAR20 5W

CAD Drawings Moon Visions Lighting LED 120V PAR20 5W
Create a truly customized lighting scene with Moon Visions’ variety of LED lamps, wattages, colors, and beam spreads…each LED lamp is offered in 120V, Warm White or Cool White, in a variety of beam spreads, and with optional spread or green lensesMoon Visions’ LED products are the only ones like it on the market – offering a high-wattage 120VAC LED bullet.

Our lamps have a 3 year warranty and are replaceable in the field if there is a failure. Moon Visions’ LEDs have a 50,000 hour rating, which can last up to 17 years when running an average of 8 hours per night. Each LED is date coded when it leaves the factory to insure full coverage of our warranty.

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LED 120V PAR20 5W


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