18" 4C High Security Horizontal Parcel Locker

CAD Drawings American Postal Manufacturing Co. 18" 4C High Security Horizontal Parcel Locker
This 18" 4C Horizontal Parcel Locker offers a convenient new way for packages and large parcels to be delivered and stored securely. The stand-alone parcel locker is constructed of durable, high-strength steel with stainless steel components and an overall dimension of 16" x 19".

To retrieve parcels, first the Mail Carrier places a key to the parcel locker in the recipient's mailbox when a package is delivered. Once the tenant retrieves the key from their mailbox and opens the parcel locker to remove the package, the key cannot be removed and must be left in the lock for removal with the master key. ADA Compliance.

Recommended for Indoor Use Only

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High Security 4C-X2 Horizontal (N1027868) - 2 Parcel Locker Unit


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