7-Door 4C High Security Horizontal Mailbox

CAD Drawings American Postal Manufacturing Co. 7-Door 4C High Security Horizontal Mailbox
Reduce the risk of theft and damage with the 7-Door 4C Horizontal Mailbox, the highest security mailbox on the market! Each mailbox system features seven double-walled tenant doors to increases each door's pull test capacity to 1500 pounds of pressure. The outgoing mail slot also features a sawtooth guard design that prevents mail from being fished out.

Made from high-strength stainless steel, the USPS approved 4C Horizontal mailboxes were designed with an utmost regard for security and perfection. A smaller Carrier Access Door provides smaller pry points and increased overall strength. The concealed hinges and flush surface design make it close to impossible to tamper with and pry open these horizontal doors.

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High Security 4C-T7 Horizontal (N1027863) - 7 Door Unit


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