Parkour M2 PK18 Layout

M2 is a medium category spot including the following products:Cage M (081751M), Base Frame (081733M), Base S (081730M), Vault L (081722M), 2 x Vault M (081721M), Vault S (081720M), Block M (081741M), Block S (081740M), Rail Corner High (081712M), Rail Corner Low (081711M), Rail Line (081710M), Dex Landing (081701M).

This spot is built around a massive swinging element which enables swinging, underbars and moving in different levels inside just one product. M2 features the sunken blocks that we're especially proud of. These blocks are placed brilliantly in between of other products making all their sides accessible in terms of combining movements. M2 covers all the parkour functions and offers a ton of variability and movement connecting options.

CAD Drawings Lappset  Parkour M2 PK18 Layout

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Design Visualizer

Lappset Parkour M2 PK18 Layout