24-Door Front Loading Guardian Module

CAD Drawings American Postal Manufacturing Co. 24-Door Front Loading Guardian Module
This 24-door high-security front-loading Guardian mailbox unit is great for use when rear access is unavailable. The master door panel swings open on a continuous hinge, secured by two control locks allowing delivery to all compartments. These lockable Guardian units are perfect for dormitories, private mail centers, military bases, and apartment complex usage. These durable, secure mailboxes are designed for private use or postal use with approval of local postal system. (Not intended for USPS delivery.)

At least 3/4" must be between horizontally stacked modules. Standard color is black. Gold, bronze, and silver are available with a 15% upcharge and 100 door minimum. Various door types, lock options, and colors are available. Guardian Modules stack adjacent, 2-3 modules high between wall studs.

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Guardian Series Front Loading (N1021244) - 24 Door Unit


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