Connect Modular Planter System

Because modular planters are made to fit together, they can be configured without gaps. This can produce the illusion of a cohesive extra-long container. Durable and lightweight, modular planters can join together in any number of ways to create an upscale, customized look for any type of environment. Whether you need one large, long planter to border a rooftop wall or a custom shape to fit along a stairway, these custom planters deliver extremely flexible commercial and residential design solutions. To learn more about the Connect Modular Planter System click here

Each Connect Modular Planter System has many benefits that can help your planting plan and your budget.

  • This commercial-grade planter system can aid in decreasing total material costs.
  • The interior of open trough modular planters allows more space for root growth.
  • The right modular planter option can be selected to fit the project budget requirements.
CAD Drawings PureModern Connect Modular Planter System

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