PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fittings

PVC-Lock by Hydro-Rain is a remarkable push-fit fitting for repairing or installing PVC piped sprinkler systems without toxic glues or primers. Each PVC-Lock fitting contains a stainless steel retainer ring and an O-ring seal, preventing leaking at both low and abnormally high pressures.

Using PVC-Lock fittings allows you to "lose the glue" and reduces traditional installation times by over 50%. With PVC-Lock you'll leave your project with clean hands and a clear conscience knowing that your installation crew and the environment are being protected from harmful chemicals.

Features & Benefits:

Easy push-and-go design

Internal stainless steel retaining ring

Double O-ring Seal

Removal Tool

CAD Drawings Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock Slide Repair Fittings

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