Blu-Lock - BLS Nitro Saddle Tees

The Blu-Lock® Nitro SaddleTM is the fastest irrigation saddle on earth. The first key to the Nitro Saddle’s amazing response time is the molded-open position of the body clamp, allowing the installer to snap the body over the pipe, push, and lock. That’s it. The second key is the tap-thread ratio, where we’ve cut in half the number of revolutions required to lock and load it. The final key to speed is the addition of a Blu-Lock® swing pipe adapter in the tap (02918), allowing the installer to go straight to pipe (37980) or Blu-Lock® swing assembly (37979). We didn’t stop at speed. We also took the pain out of installing saddles by including an ergonomic body clamp, tap wing and, most important, the ease of the Blu-Lock® swing adapter (37979). Say goodbye to fatigued hands and hello to the world’s fastest install. With Nitro SaddlesTM, the record books have been totally rewritten.
CAD Drawings Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock - BLS Nitro Saddle Tees