Flex Trim Decorative Ceiling Moulding and Millwork

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Flex Trim flexible molding not only costs less, it also out-performs real wood. There is none of the deterioration associated with real wood.

Carter Millwork is proud to be a family-owned business. We’ve prospered by treating our customers, suppliers and employees the way we want to be treated. If an error is made, we fix it immediately. Our goal is to be the most respected and trusted manufacturer in our industry.

Carter Millwork, Inc. warrants that its moulding is free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the structure to which our moulding has been properly installed. Carter Millwork will repair or replace any moulding manufactured by our company that failed as a result of defective material or workmanship.

Whether a job calls for a unique style or optimum consistency, flexible polyurethane moulding is the right choice. It can turn an ordinary room into a space that’s memorable and make architectural challenges easy.

In many instances flexible moulding is a better choice than wood. It offers the grains and beauty of wood but will not rot, swell or deteriorate over time. It is an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor use.

Flexible moulding is cheaper and quicker to produce than comparable radius wood moulding. The cost is generally 70 percent less than machined wood millwork.

All Carter Millwork products are paint grade and many can be stained. Our molds pick up the grain of the original wood so that our product exactly matches your sample.

Our mold manufacturing technology allows us to exactly replicate stain-grade wood mouldings, corbels and appliques regardless of wood species. Any grain pattern or species characteristic will become part of the mold, which in turns becomes part of the flexible finished product. When a heavy-bodied gel stain is applied according to the manufacturers specifications, the results are amazing.