Boulderscape Tieback Wall Installation for Shopping Center
Corona, CA

Project Details

Corona, CA

Boulderscape Finish: Corona Blend
Color Scheme: Medium Earth Blend
Shotcrete Thickness: 10 inches
Average Relief: 3 inches
Retaining Wall System: Tieback Wall
Shotcrete Mix: 5000 PSI

When the original MSE block wall sustaining this hillside began to fail, movement in the wall threatened both the homes above and the Walmart shopping center below. After a tieback system was installed to re-stabilize the wall, Boulderscape was brought in to provide the finishing touches. The resulting finish was one that both covered the tieback structures and beautified the area.

30 - 40% cheaper than form-liner finishes.
50% faster to install than form-liner finishes.
No Repetition. Each finish is site-specific and highly customized Waste Elimination.
BSI Finishes do not require any type of form-liner fitting.

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