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Azores, Portugal

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Azores, Portugal

Low Maintenance Rental Home Design

In recent years, Airbnb has transformed the way that we book holiday accommodation - and so, we were delighted to be asked to transform a beautiful Airbnb apartment in the tranquil Azores region.

Airbnb allows travelers to book low cost accommodation by putting them in touch with private homeowners looking to rent out their properties. Currently valued at around $31 billion, the Airbnb empire is perfect for those looking for a holiday rental design with a little more character than the average hotel.

We were contacted by the owner of an Airbnb apartment set in the beautiful volcanic islands of the Azores. The owner has been successfully renting the apartment to travelers but, felt that the wood and stone interior had a slightly cold and unwelcoming feel. On visiting the apartment, the team decided to work with the earthy wood and stone interior to create a rustic and warm environment. The team added lush green panels around the doorways of the interior which, set against the natural wood paneling, created a magical ‘secret garden’ effect. The green wall panels provided an instant update, transforming the apartment into a glowing contrast of warm, earthy tones. The overall effect was to dramatically soften the slightly cabin-like interior into a comfortable and welcoming haven which, is immediately apparent in the promotional photographs.

When decorating a property for guest use, it’s important that it is as low maintenance as possible. As well as great aesthetics, the beauty of these lush green panels is that they are super easy to clean and, require virtually no other maintenance at all.

It’s easy being green. In a busy world, more and more people are choosing the low-key benefits of artificial turf and foliage - particularly within holiday accommodation. Our artificial foliage panels are incredibly natural looking to create soothing sense of well being within a home. Our quality standards are second to none and, our exhaustive quality control and ISO certification means complete peace of mind for our valued customers.

Airbnb rental apartments are also discovering VistaFolia to provide a comforting connection with nature within their guest accommodations. This lovely and stunning vacation home in the tranquil Azores region in Portugal emphasizes the outdoors appeal of these islands with bespoke greenery panels, timber posts and natural stone walls. Our vibrant foliage contrasts beautifully with the pale wood and stone, and also provides a softening effect to the rooms.

Always working to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we delight in creating beautiful and functional environments for today’s busy world.

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