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Cleveland, Ohio

Dream builder. Builder of dreams. Both descriptions fit Wayne Homes to a tee. For more than 40 years, this Cleveland-based home builder has been fulfilling homeowners’ dreams through its customized, on-your-lot creations across five states.

Wayne Homes recently conducted a full review of vitreous china products, bringing in multiple manufacturers and assessing price, availability, performance, warranty claims and other attributes. Gerber® came out on top.

“Among all the manufacturers we looked at Gerber was the best one for our plumbers to work with. The products are easy to install and we could get them quickly from our distributors,” said Tom Benedict, Vice President of purchasing.

Quality and variety are two additional hallmarks of the Gerber brand that resonated with Wayne Homes. The depth and breath of offerings allow them to provide several options to their customers without sacrificing performance. As a result, Wayne Homes features Gerber toilets in nearly every new home they build.

Wayne Homes even includes Gerber toilets in their model homes and sales center. “It’s important for us to show upgrades and allow prospective homeowners - and our sales team - to see Gerber’s best options live and in person,” added Maurie Jones, Wayne Homes’ Vice President of marketing.

Their love for Gerber is so pervasive that when it came time to select toilets for his own new home, Tom and his wife turned to Gerber. The couple ultimately chose the Allerton™ Suite in the half bath and Viper™ toilets throughout the rest of their house.

“We went through all the products needed in the house and knew we wanted Gerber for our plumbing fixtures. We appreciate Gerber’s great reputation and love to support the relationship we have through Wayne Homes,” he said.

You could say Tom, like so many before him, relied on Gerber to make his dream home come true, too.

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