U.S. Army Garrison Presidio of Monterey Child Center
Monterey, California, USA

Project Details

Monterey, California, USA
Project Year

Completed in May 2020, the Presidio CDC project includes two infant areas, a toddler area, two preschool and one School Age area.
The infant structures include two PIP seas creatures, sensory cubes, belly swings, PRAM garages, and the Navajo play system. The toddler area includes swings, art easels, sand huts, and the Alamo play system. The preschool area has the Nike, Jupiter, and Wilder play systems, along with t-swings, art easels, planters, and custom tree surrounds, and tree decks. The school-age are includes the Tahoe play system, picnic tables, a tire swing, sport court, and boulders.

Products and Design Files