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CADdetails develops high quaility product-based BIM files, 3D SketchUp Models & 2D CAD Drawings
and connects them to designers working on real-world projects throughout North America.

We are the leading provider of manufacturer-specific building information, delivering product files and information to over 500,000 architects, engineers, contractors, and other design industry professionals.

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The Right Services

Give designers what they’re looking for & get specified into their project plans.

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing design files or develop new 2D cad or 3D models, CADdetails' in-house design team will ensure they are created to industry standards and ready to be specified by design professionals.

CADdetails services include;
  • 3D BIM Development (Revit)
  • 3D SketchUp Development (SketchUp)
  • 2D CAD Development (DWG, PDF, GIF, VWX)
  • Project Design Gallery (Ft. Real-World Projects)
  • Distribution Network (500,000 Design Professionals)
  • Detailed Metrics (Designers, Firms, Projects)

CADdetails Metrics

CADdetails provides the most comprehensive tracking and reporting service available to building product manufacturers.

With a growing community of more than 500,000 registered design professionals, you’re making your content available to one of the largest design communities in North America

Included with every CADdetails participation is access to reporting that provide intelligent metrics data and industry-leading analytics

CADdetails Metrics provides in-depth analytics tools.


Take your design files with you and share them with the world.

The Microsite is an important part of CADdetails services. It allows participating clients to distribute their design content throughout the web while continuing to maintain and manage this content in one location. It is a great way to increase visibility for products and brands as well as capture important project leads

CADdetails makes it easy to distribute design content anywhere on the web, including your corporate website. Add it anywhere designers typically go to source your design content, such as an 'Architect's Corner' or 'Designers' section of your website.

CADdetails Metrics provides in-depth analytics tools.


Real-world projects for inspiration and new design ideas.

Place your products on stage and showcase them through the CADdetails Project Galleries.

The Projects Gallery inspires designers through visuals of your most creative projects and then links them directly to the design files (cad, bim & specs) which can then be easily specified into new projects!

CADdetails Metrics provides in-depth analytics tools.