Upgrading to App-Powered Bike Parking

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In 2019 the County of Ventura California was on the hunt for new bike lockers. The lockers had to be easy for employees to rent, more efficient for its staff to manage and strong enough to resist break-ins. The County wanted the ability to track locker usage and avoid the hassles of managing keys without sacrificing security. American Bicycle Security Company’s AmeriLok™ locking system was the perfect solution.

AmeriLok™ is a Bluetooth powered lock option hosted by the Movatic mobile app. AmeriLok™ gives riders the ability to open or rent a bike locker with their smartphone. An Electronic lock box mounted to the inside of the locker door controls a large metal locking bar. When locked, the locking bar extends past the locker’s door frame, keeping the door shut. This inside-only design makes the traditional bike stealing tools, such as bolt cutters, useless; forcing would be thieves to search for an easier target elsewhere.

When The County of Ventura saw the programming options offered by the Movatic app and the security offered by the AmeriLok lock mechanics, they were sold. Their most recent order was delivered on July 15th. For that order, The County chose a private membership system, only allowing employees with a specific e-mail domain the ability to request a locker. Those requests are approved by an administrator, who can also track locker usage and respond to service requests from their desktop.

The County has purchased 28 AmeriLok™ systems so far with plans for more in 2022.

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